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Terms of Use

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding how you CAN and CAN NOT use our stock footage:

Here are the most frequently asked questions about how you CAN and CAN NOT use the footage from Fearless Media:

Q. How can I use your footage for FREE?
A. You can use any of our footage for free, as long as you provide CREDIT (as outlined below) – when used for personal use only. If you want to use our footage for commercial use, including monetizing on YouTube – you will need to purchase an appropriate license.

Q. How do I purchase a license to use the footage?
A. Here: http://stockfootagebyfearless.com/buy-a-license/

Q. What does the license get me?
A. There are many license plans. The unlimited plans both give you FULL access to unlimited downloads of THOUSANDS of stock footage scenes, and thousands of new scenes added each year.

Q. Can I monetize the footage on YouTube?
A. Yes, when purchasing the Unlimited PLUS plan, you can monetize a full YouTube channel with unlimited use of Fearless Media footage. Just email us your channel link after you have paid for the license and we will whitelist your channel.

Q. What if I want to monetize more than one YouTube channel?
A. Email hi@stockfootagebyfearless.com with your intentions and we will advise the best plan.

Q. How do I credit you for the footage?
A. All use of Fearless Media footage must contain in-video credit for at least 3 seconds showing:
“Footage used by Stock Footage by Fearless Media”
If using on YouTube you will need to insert the below credit in your YouTube description:
Footage used with license from “Stock Footage by Fearless Media”

Q. Do I own the footage after I purchase a license?
A. No. You own the right to use it, as per the terms of the license you have purchased. You do not own the footage, and can not re-sell it, or claim ownership for it (on YouTube or any other media outlet)

Q. List of things I can not do with the footage:
A. Re-sell the footage, anywhere, in any way. Claim ownership of the footage in Content ID (YouTube) or any similar claiming system.

Got another question not answered above? Email hi@stockfootagebyfearless.com and we will sort it out for you!

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